Technology can be difficult, but getting support for it shouldn't be. Our support team is located in Colorado, and will never be outsourced. Hosting our own products allows us to provide unparalleled support, which includes the cooperation of our products with your pre-existing software and infrastructure. Integrity technicians can support you in better utilizing the technology behind your company, whether you purchased it from us or not. We take pride in our support team, whose technical skills and dedication to the customers truly set us apart from the competition.

New Customers

Unfortunately, these days the dreaded 'support call' has become synonymous with long hours of explaining your issue to outsourced script-readers (did you try turning it off and on again?) only to be transferred across six departments located in four different countries. After a wasted day, ultimately a support technician decides to make your support ticket another company's problem, gives you a unconvincing apology, and heads home for the day.

We believe making a support call should instill confidence that you'll soon have an effective and long-term solution for your IT problems today, as well as preventative solutions for the potential problems of tomorrow. If the scenario above is all too familiar to you, it may be time for you to make the switch to Integrity.

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Existing Customers

Looking for remote support? Call us at (970)-999-6031 and request a remote support session! If you don't already have it, click here to download our secure remote support tool, powered by TeamViewer - we will use it to connect to your computer and resolve your issue.

Support with Integrity

Your business is different from any other, don't settle for one-size-fits-all tech support. Integrity Technologies offers flexible and reliable support solutions built on scalability; the support we provide evolves as your company grows.


Some support jobs require a little TLC. Schedule an appointment to get expert hands on deck at your place of business.
*Travel time fees may occur for long-distance on-site appointments (outside of a 25 mile radius of our support offices). Long distance on-site support only available to customers under support contracts.

One-Time Repairs

Don't want to commit to a contract? We also offer support services on a break/fix model as well. In-depth, long-term repairs and solutions with a quick turnaround time to minimize disruption to your everyday operations.


Unhappy with the level of support with your current host? Or wondering what's out there that may fit your needs better? Our hosting products were designed to help your business run more smoothly, whether it's allowing your employees to work remotely, or enabling better collaboration between your team members. Not all hosting products are created equally; we can help you identify which products work best for your business.


Prefer support from the comfort of your office? Using our remote support tools, we can perform support tasks from troubleshooting to virus removals, all while you're prepping your morning coffee.


Making a purchase with Integrity Technologies is just the beginning - we are committed to seeing every product through from delivery, to installation, to troubleshooting. Every workplace is unique, our support team dedicates themselves to helping you use your product as intended, in tandem with all of your existing IT infrastructure, enhancing your work environment.

Consulting and Planning

Whether Integrity products are the backbone of your company, or your infrastructure consists of a conglomerate of many products and services, the knowledgeablity of our support staff means we can always provide meaningful analysis and insight.

Thinking about making the switch to Integrity? Ask about our free on-site consultations to see if Integrity is right for your business.

Custom-Tailored Service

Our support services are offered under tiered service plans, or as hourly jobs. Contact us and ask how our custom-built service plans can work for you and your business at every stage. Or, click the button below to get started!

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