Integrity Technologies was founded in 2016 by Tim Washburn, the founder of the successful Computer Doctors in Fort Collins which opened in 2010.

The story of Integrity Technologies starts with the founding of its sister company, Computer Doctors. In 2012 Computer Doctors launched their business cloud product offerings and partnered with many local businesses to deliver professional IT services. Its network and outreach grew rapidly and was soon charged with monitoring hundreds of business clients’ networks and devices. In 2016 Integrity Technologies was founded, to separate operations into two companies.

In 2020, life as we know it changed forever both in our social lives and in the way we conduct day-to-day business. Luckily for many of our clients, they were already on the cloud and only had to make a small adjustment to continue operations. Also occurring in 2020 was an increase in cybercrime, which reported over $4.2 billion in reported losses according to the FBI. We knew it was time for our own company to make a pivot and increase our capabilities in cybersecurity, bridge the new security gaps, become a cybersecurity partner for our clients and help them co-manage their cyber risk.