Virtual Workstation Platform

Our Virtual Workstation platform is the next level of true cloud computing, built to offer advanced features while retaining a very user-friendly experience, whether you're a tech guru a computer novice.

So… what is a virtual workstation? We host Windows-based virtual machines from within our data center that you can remote into 24/7. This dedicated, cloud-based Windows machine allows you to load any software, databases, files, etc. that you would normally load onto your own local machine, only this can be accessed anywhere in the world, from any computer. How is this advantageous when compared to just loading it on your own machine? Let’s say you have an office with 20 employees and a server. Every employee has access to all of the necessary software on their computer, as well as the data from the server. However, when they leave the office, they will no longer have access to any of this. In our environment, your virtual workstations and server are all housed in our secure data center, and can be accessed from outside of the office, perhaps in a coffee shop or on a beach, from any computer!

Virtual Work Environment Diagram

Ease your mind knowing that your data is safely secured behind an enterprise level hardware firewall, and nightly snapshots are taken of your data and programs to ensure you’re truly protected.

Utilizing nightly snapshots we’re able to protect your data from the ever-growing threat of Ransomware while delivering disaster recovery of your entire cloud environment in a few hours, rather than days or even weeks in extreme cases.

Managed IT Services

Downtime costs money, it’s as simple as that. Underperforming, outdated, or damaged computer and network systems can result in substantial monetary loss and disruption of day-to-day business activities. Your current infrastructure may be costing you more than you know. Think about some of the larger costs while your workstation(s) or server is being repaired:

  • Data Loss and Recreation Costs
  • Lost Employee Wages
  • Client Opportunity Costs

Or, consider the cost to your business if your employees are less efficient due to sluggish computers, slow network performance, or sub-optimal setup of your network and systems, arranged in a manner not as efficient as they should be. When the majority of your budget is allocated to labor costs, you and your employees should be working smart and efficiently, with the support of high-quality IT subsystems. This is why so many businesses in Northern Colorado have switched to our Managed IT Services; we proactively monitor your network, its servers, and its computers whether they’re in the office or traveling. Part of our Managed IT Service plan includes an enterprise-grade endpoint security package, which reports security threats to our staff so we can monitor your systems' status before it creates downtime. We can also manage your important Windows update patches, to keep your system up-to-date against the latest security vulnerabilities, while simultaneously maintainging maximum system stability. One of the most popular features of our managed IT platform is our ability for unattended remote support. This means we can remotely resolve issues outside of standard business hours, to get your company and its computers up and running as quickly as possible. In fact, the majority of our support work is able to be done remotely to deliver a faster turnaround time to our clients.

  • Real-time Monitored Security
  • Windows Patch Management
  • Unattended Remote Support for Fast Turnaround Time

Hourly Remote and Onsite Services

We do provide break/fix support for business customers in Northern Colorado, the primary services that we provide are:

  • Networking issues and installations
  • Virus removals
  • Computer and Printer installations
  • Software upgrades
  • IT planning

We do offer a free onsite assessment and consultation with our new clients, which gives us a chance to see your business environment in action and assess your technology infrastructure to find reasonable improvements that are right for you. This also gives you and your employees a chance to meet our knowledgable staff you'll be working with, so you can feel confident that you're in capable hands. We strive to build meaningful business relations with our customers built on transparency and integrity.

Hosted VPN Shares

Maximize your business’s efficiency by utilizing our Hosted VPN Shares. Enable your employees to access data real-time on a live network share, whether they’re at a coffee shop, in the office or working from home. Since this is a live share, there’s no sync errors that occur with products like Google Drive and Dropbox. Here are some of the few major advantages to utilizing our Integrity Cloud Hosted VPN:

  • Automated data backup – built-in with your plan
  • Secured access utilizing SSL security
  • Real-time access to data, not synced
  • Ease of use
  • Restricted permissions of shares to specified users
  • Cut access of data to terminated employees
  • Reduced cost of server purchases and maintenance
  • Cross platform support with Windows, Apple and Linux
    • iPhone and Android are both supported

Devices in the Cloud

Hosted Business Email

Smarter Email Solutions: Natively sync your emails, contacts and calendar within Microsoft Outlook to your phone or iPad. Our servers provide feature-rich MAPI email services that help you and your office collaborate seamlessly through shared calendars, public folders and more. Our webmail client supports all these rich mail features that will sync with all of your devices without lifting a finger.

We strive to provide the best email services for Fort Collins, Loveland, Greeley, Cheyenne, and all across the US. We can help you in the process of transitioning from your current email service to keep things as simple and painless as possible, that’s our hands-free approach. Our local support team is able to identify and support your specific email needs, all while providing you excellent uptime. Our outstanding service, product and support make us a premiere email hosting provider for your small business.

Offsite Backup Services

If your hard drive crashed, or was infected with Ransomware, would your data be safe? With plans starting as little as $5/month, it’s time to audit your backup processes and make sure you’re taken care of, not if disaster strikes but when it strikes. Our backup services protect you against:

  • Hard drive failure
  • Ransomware
  • Computer theft
  • Fires, floods and other natural disasters

Did you know Ransomware can also infect attached storage devices, such as an external hard drive or flash drive? In the event of fire or flood, if your external hard drive is nearby, you could lose your primary and backup copy of your precious data. If your data is truly important to you, we can help you back it up offsite, complete with automated backup schedules so you can set it and forget it.