Why Integrity Technologies?

As we build out our products and services, we always ask ourselves “how can we best support the customer with this product?” We strive to be customer-centric by offering services that are supported by our in-house tech support team and cloud products that are hosted in our own dedicated data center, click here to learn more about the Integrity Cloud.

Our products are hosted in data centers privately owned by Integrity Technologies. What advantages does this provide for customers?

As most of the tech world is being bought out by large corporations, their technical support teams are getting outsourced to other countries to cut costs. We believe that customer support should be accessible and professional; we will always provide personalized service that makes your uptime our number one priority. When our clients call for support, we want them to know that they’re speaking with a trained professional that can fix your problem without a script, and without multiple transfers to new technicians after several wasted hours.

Why does it matter to our clients that our hosted products are self hosted in our own data center?

Our mission is to provide excellence in everything we do, which includes how we provide products to our clients; in order to maintain the highest level of support we feel this could only be achieved by self-hosting. When you're on a support call, you're talking directly with the same people who build and manage all of our products, and the physical systems behind them. Bottom line is that our support team members are well-educated professionals that actually use, maintain, and understand the products we provide. We choose to remain self-hosted route rather than taking the easier reseller route, which means we can maintain full control over every piece of our products to provide quick and effective support, without any third party support teams.

Your business is unique and so are your technological requirements.

Hosting our own servers allows us to allocate and leverage resources that are specific to your unique needs. We love the problem solving challenge of finding and creating solutions that help your business run more smoothly by correctly utilizing technology to work for you, rather than becoming another hurdle.

We offer a wide selection of business grade desktops, laptops and servers

We have many local and national contracts with asset liquidators that allow us to provide our customer with a high quality business series computer, without the high price and many times out of budget, brand new business series computer. We’re able to provide a wide selection of off-lease business grade computing hardware at a fraction of the cost of buying brand new equipment. We stand behind all of the hardware we sell; each computer system sold by Integrity Technologies includes full one to three year hardware warranty.

We are a complete IT Solution for northern Colorado businesses

We offer a diverse set of products and services, whether your needs are as small as email hosting, or full blown Virtual Private Server hosting. If you need an equipment upgrade, with an excellent warranty, we’ve got you covered. If you want your entire network monitored, managed, and your data backed up offsite securely, we’re here for you. You have one support number to call for all of your IT needs.